The Best Smartphones of 2020 in India

 What was the best cellphone of 2020? It has been a tough year all around but this has not stopped smartphone manufacturers from releasing pretty awesome products. Most of the smartphones we have analyzed this season are good and worth recommending, irrespective of the pricing. But this makes our job harder when it comes to picking the best of their best.

To come up with the top smartphones of 2020, we've broken it up into the most well-known categories and selected a winner at each of them. The winners are not always the most expensive flagships (although some are) but instead smartphones that do a particular task exceedingly well in contrast to the competition. Let us begin.

Best gaming smartphone 2020: Asus ROG Phone 3

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Technically, any smartphone using a 700-series Qualcomm SoC, or even a G8x and over MediaTek SoC is considered appropriate for gambling because even demanding titles are extremely working on these devices. However, what sets the ideal gaming smartphone besides others are gaming-specific characteristics that can provide you a strategic advantage should you ever choose to match .

Asus managed to improve upon the successful formula of this ROG Telephone two , by making this revision sleeker and much stronger. It is among the few mobiles we had in India using all the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SoC, that was the most effective chip accessible for Android mobiles in 2020.

The gaming-specific attributes of this Asus ROG Phone 3 comprised a superb AMOLED screen using a 144Hz refresh speed, improved cooling system, cutting-edge RAM and storage technology, more feature AirTriggers, a number of accessories, and needless to say, RGB lighting. Aside from the superb gaming characteristics, the Asus ROG Phone 3 performed simulated responsibilities very well also, offering very great battery lifetime and cameras to boot up.

Best camera smartphone 2020: iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max

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For the very best smartphone we needed to study this year's flagship offerings since this is the place where the most innovation occurs. Even with no Google Pixel 5 launch in India, choosing a winner was demanding. Samsung's impressive 100x Space Movement at the Galaxy S20 Ultra (Inspection ) was difficult to dismiss but we depended to the iPhone 12 Guru (Inspection ) along with iPhone 12 Pro Max (Inspection ) only due to one game-changing attribute: Dolby Vision HDR movie recording. It is something you need to watch for yourself to love, but after you become accustomed to it, there is no going back.

Other than this, the Guru versions in the iPhone 12 show are constant and dependable actors in regards to shooting stills and movie. The iPhone 12 Pro Max includes a bigger detector and a more innovative stabilisation program, which does not automatically shoot better images in the daylight, however does create shooting low-light images much simpler. Both phones also boast of LiDAR scanners that help in aligning the attention for close-up low-light photographs.

Best battery life smartphone 2020: Samsung Galaxy M51

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One certain way to get a crazy amount of battery life would be to match a high-capacity battery using a low-power SoC and low-resolution display. Most entry-level Android smartphones tend to stick to this rule. But getting excellent battery life without compromising on the screen and SoC is the mark of a fantastic smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy M51 (Review) checks all the boxes to clinch this name.

For starters, it packs in a 7,000mAh battery that posted superb times in our internal battery tests. This is a telephone that should easily last you two full days before you want to think of charging it. It has a big, high-resolution AMOLED display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G SoC, which makes it a robust smartphone to get even demanding games and apps.

Best ergonomic smartphone 2020: iPhone 12 mini

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We wanted to call this class the'finest compact smartphone', but come to think about it, we did not see many streamlined smartphones launching in India in 2020. While managing and ergonomics are extremely subjective, we believe there is no arguing how the iPhone 12 miniature (Inspection ) is now the best choice available in India. It is basically an iPhone 12 (Inspection ) but at a more compact body -- that is something many individuals have been awaiting.

Well, perhaps you do compromise somewhat on battery lifetime as there's just so much you can cram into such a tiny area. After all, this isn't a massive deal-breaker thinking about the fantastic cameras, quick performance, and each of the frills you get like appropriate water-proofing and wireless charging.

Best productivity smartphone 2020: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

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Samsung is thought to get rung the death knell for its Galaxy Note series, which might be the last in the lineup. If that is really true, then the Note collection is heading out with a bang, since this season's Galaxy Notice 20 Ultra 5G (Inspection ) is only the best Note encounter Samsung has delivered till date. The S Pen received much more attributes, the cameras are topnotch, and total design only screams luxury, particularly in the Mystic Bronze color.

Concerning getting things done, few different mobiles have attempted to accept the Galaxy Notice collection, and that is because Samsung is far ahead of the match with respect to successfully creating the software and hardware to create a stylus helpful, and that also, in one of its very expensive offerings.

Best value for money smartphone 2020: OnePlus Nord

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Value for money is quite subjective. Some could come across an iPhone good value despite its astronomical cost, though some would specify it as spending the least possible cash for a comparatively good telephone. This was just another tough one to select, but when we were to have a look at which telephone offered good hardware in a comparatively low cost and may be considered future-proof, the OnePlus Nord deserves this.

Using its cost ranging from Rs. 25,000 into Rs. 30,000, the OnePlus Nord (Overview ) provides a great deal of flagship-level attributes within an well-crafted and fine body. It assesses the majority of the specification boxes you could request, and the cherry on top is that it also has 5G, so it is prepared for prospective high-speed networks. The screen is great, the cameras are flexible, battery life is exceptional, and there is that remarkable OnePlus computer software experience.

Most popular smartphone 2020: Redmi Note 9 Pro

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Xiaomi's Redmi Note collection mobiles have been overachievers, and have regularly been at very large demand due to excellent hardware and very competitive pricing. Last season, the Redmi Notice 9 Guru (Inspection ) turned out to be the most popular smartphonewhether it was only by hunt quantity or absolute quantity of engagement we have seen about this on our videos and stories. It is not tough to see why.

The Redmi Notice 9 Guru is certainly not ideal and can lack many of the attributes we'd love to have now like a 90Hz screen and speedy charging. But when it started back in May, Xiaomi's competitive pricing combined with all the then-unique design actually helped it stand out. On top of this, the strong specifications, adequate cameras for daytime shooting, and powerful battery life made it a Really popular competition from the mainstream segment.

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