Dream Catchers | Buy Dream Catcher Online In India

 Dream Catchers | Buy Dream Catcher Online In India

dream catcher is a handmade willow hoop, on which a net or web is woven that come in different colours, styles and sizes.

Rooh Dream Catcher Peacock Feather Bookmark

  • Material: Brass, Color: Blue
  • Package Contents: 1 Dream Catcher
  • Item Size: 2.5 cm x 0.5 cm x 29 cm
  • At Rooh each dream catcher is handwoven with the intention of creating love and positivity, this attractive-looking dream catcher is intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams
  • Each Rooh dream catcher are 100 percent handcrafted by women artisans in India, they are handmade in ethical conditions, with free range feathers only thus being in harmony with nature
  • With every Rooh product you purchase, you are helping create employment for privileged at home women and giving a chance to make more happy dreamers in the world
  • Rooh ensures portion of the profits from each product goes to Ngo that shape the lives of people, we believe - a dream you dream alone is just a dream but a dream you dream together is reality
  • Quality - if you are completely satisfied with this product, please do leave a good feedback and help us built more dreams

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